Spotify Pre-Save Contest Terms for “Black Hair, Brown Eyes”

  1. After you’ve successfully entered your Spotify credentials and pre-saved the song, your email associated with your Spotify account will be added to the list of other “pre-savers.”

  2. ONLY those that pre-save before Friday, April 12 at 12:00am PST will be considered in the contest.

  3. Also, if you pre-save more than once, only one of your entries will be considered in the drawing.

  4. The winner will be randomly selected and announced sometime between Friday, April 12, and Monday, April 15.

  5. The winner will then be emailed a $60 Spotify gift card to the email associated with their Spotify account through a Paypal giftcard service.

  6. This $60 credit can be applied to your pre-existing Spotify billing plan via the directions found in the following link: